Play Valorant today to find out what agents you can find

Valorant is a thrilling and action-packed first-person shooter game that has taken the gaming community by storm since its release in 2020. The game has garnered a huge fan following for its dynamic gameplay and engaging storyline. One of the most interesting aspects of Valorant is its roster of unique agents, each with their own special abilities and skills. These agents are essential to the game’s strategy, and players must choose wisely when selecting the right agent for their playstyle. If you’re looking to explore the world of Valorant and discover the diverse range of agents available, there’s no better time than today to jump into the game and begin your journey.

1. Breach:

VALORANT Agents: Breach, an Initiator from Sweden

The bionic Swede known as Breach uses strong, precise kinetic blasts to forcefully pave a passage across hostile terrain. He assures that no combat is ever fair because of the harm and disruption he causes. Erik Torsten, a criminal from Sweden, and the rest of his family were scheduled to be found guilty of their crimes. Torsten accepted the chance to join the VALORANT team even though his induction was not easy. His records were sealed after he left behind his criminal past in accordance with VP protocol, becoming the Protocol’s thirteenth agent, “Breach.”

He mostly views his position with VALORANT as nothing more than another job where he may enter a fight, win, and receive payment. He won’t hesitate to cause trouble along the road, but he’s also seeking excitement. Breach is a tall man with long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, a mustache, and a beard. His titanium-plated carbon steel-made metal arms are what people will most likely notice about him.

2. Brimstone:

VALORANT Agents: Brimstone, a Controller from the USA

Brimstone, who joined from the States, always gets the upper hand thanks to his orbital arsenal. He is the best commander with boots on the ground because of his unrivaled ability to provide utility precisely and from a distance.

Liam Byrne, a native American, began his adult life as a firefighter for the BFD before enlisting in the military as a member of the Ragged Ravens, a Special Forces unit. Also, he joined Kingdom Corporation and eventually rose through the ranks of their K/SEC subsidiary to become a veteran. Byrne was the first agent to join the covert VALORANT Protocol after the events of First Light, and he later rose to the position of “Brimstone,” the organization’s commander and leader.

As the group’s senior commander and the oldest, Brimstone has a long history of donning a uniform. Brimstone is a tall, powerful man who typically appears dressed in a blue shirt with a chest plate on top. He sports an orange beret that stands out for having a gold insignia on it that features two inverted chevrons and may be a reference to his rank in the military. Brimstone has a thick beard and a mustache that is gray. He has a brace on his arm and gloves on both hands.

3. Chamber:

VALORANT Agents: Chamber, a Sentinel from France

With a mix of slick nonchalance, polished composure, and arrogant humor, Chamber exudes complete confidence in his abilities and the value he provides. He holds himself and his team to a high standard, emphasizing that if they want to win, they should give it their all and excel at everything they do. He has exhibited goodwill with many of the Protocol’s agents, although he is well aware that he has numerous secrets that are best kept private.

Chamber wears large, rectangular-framed glasses and has a combover for a haircut. He is seen with a white long sleeve shirt under a blue suit vest and a geometrically patterned midnight tie. The buttons on the aforementioned vest have been replaced with three pistol bullets. A pair of beige gloves with white straps covering his hands reveal his ring and pinky fingers. On his left arm, he wears a personalized watch with gold bands, and his cedar pants are fastened by a white belt with a buckle that has a distinctive golden outline. He also has a strap on his tie made of a golden chain.

4. Cypher:

VALORANT Agents: Cypher, a Sentinel from Morocco

Cypher is one of the playable agents in the first-person shooter game Valorant, developed by Riot Games. Cypher is a Sentinel agent, which means that he is primarily focused on defense and gathering information.

Cypher’s abilities are designed to gather intelligence about the enemy team and set up traps to hinder their progress. His abilities include:

  • Trapwire: Cypher can place a tripwire at any location on the map, which will trigger an alarm and reveal the location of any enemy who crosses it.
  • Cyber Cage: Cypher can deploy a cage that slows enemies who pass through it and makes noise when they do. The cage can also be triggered remotely to release a burst of smoke that obscures the enemy’s vision.
  • Spy Camera: Cypher can place a hidden camera at any location on the map, which can be used to monitor enemy movements and provide valuable information to his team.
  • Neural Theft (Ultimate): When an enemy is killed, Cypher can use their corpse to gain access to their location and the locations of their teammates for a short period of time.

Overall, Cypher is a great agent for players who enjoy gathering information and setting up traps to outsmart their opponents. However, he requires a bit of skill and strategy to use effectively, as his abilities require careful planning and timing.

5. Astra:

VALORANT Agents: Astra, a Controller from Ghana

In the well-known online tactical first-person shooter game “Valorant,” “Astra” is a playable character. On March 2, 2021, Astra was incorporated into the game as a part of the Episode 2, Act 2 update.

The foundation of Astra’s skills is the harnessing of astral energy to shape the battlefield. She is able to plant up to five “stars” on the map, which can be activated to provide a variety of effects like blinding adversaries or luring them in the direction of the star. Astra can fly across the map and set stars from a bird’s eye view thanks to her ultimate power, “Astral Form,” which transforms her into pure energy.

Although her abilities need meticulous planning and execution to be effective, Astra’s playstyle is focused on strategic positioning and prediction. She frequently appears in competitive play and is regarded as a high-skill ceiling agent.

According to Astra’s background, she is a Ghanaian agent for the Kingdom Corporation who has the ability to modify the battlefield by channeling cosmic energy.

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